Why we created wiredoc.com

3 yrs ago, during tax time, I took a lot of care while sending my tax related documents (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, W2, 1099-INTs, 1099-SA, etc) to my CPA.

I used software on my laptop to password protect and zip up my documents.

I sent the zip file by email, but took care not to include the password in the email. I called up the accountant later in the day and gave him the password over the phone.

You might think all that was a waste of time, but email is REALLY insecure!

When the accountant was done with the draft 1040 though, he simply sent it by email – in the clear!

I was dismayed…the 1040 contained not only my social security number, but also the SSNs of my wife and my kids. My 1040 also had dates of birth, address, bank account number (I was to get a refund), and of course the adjusted gross amount, etc.

That’s when the idea began to take shape. Sanjay and I wanted to make it simple and easy for anyone to send confidential documents to their tax accountants or anyone for that matter.

Wiredoc.com was born soon after.

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