Java and Wiredoc needs and uses the Java plugin in browsers for most of it’s functionality. Unfortunately the latest update of Java  (Java 7 Update 10) has a security issue that can be exploited by unscrupulous web-sites to silently invoke Java applets in your browser when you visit their web-site and do bad things like install malware on your computer. The issue is so bad that the US Department of Homeland Security had recommended turning off your Java plugin. So while we recommend that you keep your Java browser plugin turned off in general when visiting most sites, you will need to enable the plugin when visiting and using We provide a legitimate service and make use of Java as it was intended to be used. When using the Java plugin with our web-site for the first time you are properly informed and asked for permission. So it is safe to use the Java plugin with our web-site.

UPDATE: Oracle has fixed the security issue with an update to Java. Please update your Java installations.

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