Wiredoc.com was started by Deepak Kamath and Sanjay Shridhar, a couple of engineers, to solve the problem of securely sharing sensitive personal documents with other people electronically.

When Deepak received a draft 1040 from an accountant about 3 yrs ago in an email in an unencrypted format, the idea for Wiredoc was born. Realizing how widespread the usage of email is to send and receive extremely sensitive documents, Deepak and Sanjay set upon solving it in a simple way.

They were inspired by The Code Book by Simon Singh, a well written book that delves into the history of cryptography and gave Deepak and Sanjay the basis of their innovative ideas used in wiredoc.com.

Both Deepak and Sanjay are Computer Science engineers and have been working in the IT arena for the last 20 yrs.

Deepak lives in Eden Prairie, MN with his wife and two kids.

Sanjay lives in San Jose, CA with his wife and son.

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